Bridesmaid dresses length options:
If the wedding is in the room (such as a church), the bride chose tail wedding, the bridesmaids should be dressed in formal dress. Requirements: the specific choice of bridesmaid dresses and skirt length the uppers above, but the skirt is not too Punta less than the bride, otherwise distracting, but also the impact of walking. As the bride bridesmaids need help when the bride turned to lift the wedding trailing; outdoor wedding, bridesmaids can choose a short dress.
Second, the bridesmaid dress color options:
Tip choosing bridesmaid dresses as a precondition to similar style with the bride wedding dress color should be mainly a simple but elegant bright colors, but best not white. Pink, light champagne, light green are good choices. Selection behind the design is recommended to compare the color of the dress, because the bridesmaids there may be a lot of time back guests.

, Bridesmaid dress styles to choose from:
Concise and elegant style, luxurious without publicity, happy and with intimacy. May often slide down the ribbon, the action bigger will fall down low cut dress, everything possible to make you distracted payable details should not appear on a bridesmaid dress, attention to the selection of bridesmaid dresses, the choice of the sling section or dress Halter design can be.
Fourth, the selection of bridesmaid bag:
The bride certainly do not take the bag, but the bridesmaids must take the package. What shall package? Shape, decorated luxurious shiny bag with the overall shape of choosing bridesmaid dresses echoes coordination. Does not recommend the bridesmaids choose the clutch, the best choice may be a single shoulder satchel in the shoulders and hands, so as not to delay the services for the bride.
Wedding style, choose the bridesmaid dresses should be corresponding with bridesmaid dress selection should be formal and dignified, the bridesmaid position is very important for the bride….